How To Start Your Reskinning Business Part 2


With my online coaching I offered to online marketers in the past, I often found people who would skip from opportunity to opportunity spending thousands of dollars without ever really committing to success.  They hoped it would work, said it would “be nice” if it worked, but never really decided to make it work.

In some cases they probably went in with the right intentions but essentially they did not have focus and a plan so that as soon as the next “fantastic opportunity” came along they jumped on that and had to start again. Maybe you are in that situation.  Perhaps you have been looking for something “that works” and have not found it yet.

Maybe right now you are thinking it might be apps. I want to tell you that your decision is going to be one of the most important things you can make.


So decide right now you are going to make this a success “no matter what”. What does this entail?

One of the most important things you can do is to get your thinking straight.  If you starting monitoring your thoughts you are probably going to be amazed at what you are thinking. What I have found is your conscious mind can be very negative, particularly if you are moving out of your comfort zone.  In other words if you are doing things you have never done before.  And reskinning apps is almost certainly going to be an “out of your comfort zone” experience.

Most things are the first time (or several times you try it).

Do you remember day one of your first job?  I do and I was scared stiff and felt totally out of place, but over a relatively short period of time I got better at the job and learned until it was second nature to me.

I feel confident in saying the same thing has probably happened to you.

Yes, reskinning apps is probably such a thing  Maybe you don’t know an app from an iPhone, or maybe you are a software developer with certain beliefs about what can and can’t be done. I am going to suggest you clear the slate and keep a completely open mind on the process.




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Recognize that you are going to get thoughts like

  • What happens if no one downloads my apps
  • What happens if the programmer rips me off?
  • What happens if I cannot figure out what to do?
  • What happens if I don’t make any money?
  • What happens if the sky falls in?

The sky is falling?

The thing is, these types of thoughts are completely normal.  Recognize this by telling yourself things like….

  • Other people have had millions of people download my apps, all I have to do is figure out how.
  • Other people have found programmers who have done a masterful job on their app, so I can too.
  • Other people have found great artists to product great work, I can too.
  • Other people have figured this out, so I can too if I stick to it.

And you know what?  This is 100% true.  The reality is there are a lot of people who started where you are at who are succeeding right now with apps, so nothing is stopping you from joining their ranks other than YOU talking yourself out of it.

Yes you can be your own worse enemy.  So make the commitment to monitor your thoughts and whilst acknowledging those negative thoughts, replace them with positive ones. You will find this gives you a real boost of confidence to keep going, particularly early on with your first few apps.

You know what?  Your beliefs can really effect your results.

Prior to 2008 no one would have thought it was really possible to become a millionaire writing an “app” for  a device that fits in someone’s pocket.  But the reality is people have become millionaires by doing this.  More than a few actually.  A lot of people.

Perhaps you have a belief right now that you need to be smarter, or need to be a programmer, or need to be an artist, or need “stacks of cash” to succeed with reskinning apps. I want to tell you that this is untrue.  Practically anyone can reskin an app, inexpensively and generate an income with it, all without the need to have a Phd or needing to be a programmer or designer.

Now of course the success you end up with is in large part up to you, and the work you do, and your perseverance.

I can tell you its highly likely people in a worse “position” than you have succeeded against the odds.    Care to join them?

What you do need is to have the knowledge (and you get that in this ebook) but importantly you have to have the belief. Believe that if others are succeeding with reskinning apps  that you can well.

You know its real corny, but its totally true.  If you are prepared to stick to this, and to believe that you will succeed then you will.  Its that simple!

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