How To Start Your Reskinning Business Part 1


The big question, the 64 million dollar one is where to start?  How do you get the ball rolling?  That’s a great question that I am glad you asked and I am going to answer that now step by step.

On the next page I am going to start talking about something that you may think is unimportant.  You may be tempted to skip ahead to “the good stuff” or the “meat”.

But let me tell you if you decide to skip the mindset chapter you are going to dramatically reduce the chances of success.  Yes I said it.

Mindset in this (and practically any) business is key.  I can tell you this first hand from coaching literally hundreds of people over the years in online marketing and also as a senior software developer when I was a mentor for more junior software developers, mindset is everything.


How you approach this and what you are focusing on is vital.  So lets discuss this.  Please bear with me!

Mindset – Do not skip this

Mindset is absolutely vital.  I’ve learned this over a long period of time.  Simply put the way you think can positively or negatively impact on your results.

Yes the next bit of the ebook has nothing directly to do with graphics, sound and music.  But if you skip this section you will be missing out on some of the most important information I believe you need to know about.

You need to be very clear on this  to know what you are trying to achieve.  We are going to discuss goals but also some things that some people might think are hokey (love that word) like beliefs, paradigms, and focus.

By the end of this section I am hoping I have convinced you to be on board with this thinking process.  Trust me, it’s going to be worth your while.

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One of the biggest things you need to do is make is  a decision. Yes, a decision…  Sounds pretty basic, but you would be surprised how many of us don’t actually make a decision.

Let me ask you this, have you made a decision on reskinning apps yet?    Have you decided you are going to make this work?    Perhaps you currently have it in the back of your mind that you might “give this a go” and see what happens, and that hopefully it might work.

Maybe you are afraid to really commit to the process for fear of failure. Let me tell you that one of the best things you could do for yourself right now is make a commitment to your own success. Make a firm commitment that you are going to make this work no matter what.  You know its weird, but just making that decision sets in place a process where things start happening.


I am sure if you look back over your life at things you were successful at, most of it was based on a decision right? For example you may have decided to buy a house, so you made the decision to start saving a deposit for the house.  You probably did not wake up and find the deposit in your bank account ready to go.  You made a decision to start saving.

Or you finally paid off your credit card.   Or maybe you got that degree at your local university/college.   Maybe you got married.

I am willing to bet if you think back and analyze it, prior to any of this happening you made a decision for that to happen.

Let me give you an example.   When I split up from my first wife, I was deeply in debt to the tune of around $30K in credit card debt.    I made the decision one morning to get out of debt within 6 months.  Why did I pick that date?  Honestly I cannot remember.  I do remember being sick of the debt, and I just decided I was going to get rid of it.

At the time I had no idea how it was going to happen, but I made a firm decision to do it anyway. Guess what?  I achieved my goal.   Now I am not going to tell you that the tooth fairy magically put $30K under my pillow, but I am going to tell you the events were in a way magical.  I started attracting the clients I needed for this to happen.

Umm.  Tim is this a book on reskinning apps or the Law of attraction AKA The Secret? 

Ha ha good question..   Bear with me….

My point was, making the decision to get out of debt worked because I made the decision that was what I wanted.    That’s what you need to do here right now.  Make a commitment that you are going to make this work no matter what.

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