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Here is a list of courses you may be interested in. I have broken down the courses into categories. I[...]
Quality Player Experience – One Of The Keys To Reskinning Success
Time for us to have a dance and talk about Quality and how this is vital if you are going[...]
New Reskin Course Now Available!
I am happy to announce that my new reskinning course is now live on Udemy. This one teaches the technical[...]
Graphic Quality – An Important Factor In Your Reskinning Project
Well before you even think about the price, you have to be sure what your goals are, because I can[...]
The Alternative Places To Look For Outsourcing
Another option outside of the contract sites is using local companies or professional companies who offer their services online. Now[...]
Points To Consider When Hiring Outsourcers
Make sure you do some basic groundwork before accepting someone to work on your project.  You might have in the[...]
Things That Can Go Wrong In Your Reskinning Business Part 2
Updating your app after it’s in the app store Don’t forget about updating your app! Here is a huge tip[...]
Things That Can Go Wrong In Your Reskinning Business Part 1
We already talked a bit about getting ripped off by outsourcers, lets talk about a few other things that might[...]
2 Important Points To Consider When Outsourcing Work
Let your outsourcers, work! I can’t stress this one enough.  Let your outsourcers actually do the work, don’t try and[...]
The Required Roles When Reskinning Apps
So how do you go about finding resources?  You know these humans with great knowledge of the industry and reskinning[...]
The First Steps To Take In Reskinning Apps
Great stuff!  You are ready to rock and roll but now you want to figure out what the next step[...]
The Difference Between Coders, Artist And Designers
There is a major difference between a designer and a coder, and often you need both. A coder (also known[...]
Support And Quality Of The Source Code
Ok, so decision is to go Apple with your first reskin. You now need some source code.  We talked about[...]
Earning The Profits In Your Reskinning App Business
Why are you doing all of this?  (reskinning apps I mean) ? You doing this to make a profit right? [...]
Apple Or Android – Which Platforms To Go For Part 2
So that right there should be two compelling reasons for you to focus on the Apple IOS devices, at least[...]
Apple Or Android – Which Platforms To Go For Part 1
Why Apple I hear you asking, aren't there more Android users than Apple iPhone users? Yes that is true, there[...]
Source Code – What You Need To Know
Enough with mindset, goals, etc - Where do you really start? Well reading this book was a good investment and[...]
Points To Consider On Your First Game
I am going to put this one out here for you to consider.    Don’t be too ambitious with your[...]
Setting Goals In Your Reskinning Business
Yes its that time where I start to lecture you on Goal setting.  And it’s importance. I am sure no[...]
Importance Of Focus When Starting Reskinning Business Part 2
Stage 3. Conscious competence. This is where you start to get results. It’s a bit of a struggle but with[...]

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