Things That Can Go Wrong In Your Reskinning Business Part 2


Updating your app after it’s in the app store

Don’t forget about updating your app!

Here is a huge tip for you, especially if your app is not “kicking the goals” you hoped it would.

Update it!

Updating an app can itself reignite downloads and put your app in front of people who didn’t see it.  In addition your current players will notice you have done an update and may start playing it again.  And that gives you an opportunity to make more money right?


But what to update in your app I hear you ask?  Gee you ask a lot of questions….

The good thing about updates is they do not have to be major ones!

For example when the iPhone 5 came out there was a need to include a special file within the game which enabled the extra screen space of the iPhone 5 to be utilized.

I saw more than a few updates come out for apps which were little more than adding that file (there is a little more to do to get the game working on the iPhone 5, but your programmer would be generally able to fix this very quickly).

The point is there are a million reasons to send an update, and its smart to keep your app “updated” regularly.     

Of course its a good idea to have a healthy balance of updates to benefit the player of your game vs updates for your benefit.

A player benefit might be a set of extra levels to play, or a new character to earn, or a bug fix to prevent the game crashing on the new Apple iPhone 12x.

An update for your benefit might be adding a new monetization strategy, or perhaps “swapping out” an old strategy that was not converting very well.

I want you to give serious consideration to including an update to your app.  Ideally an update in the first month its uploaded, and perhaps quarterly after that.

This app is an investment right?    If you buy stocks you check in from time to time don’t you to see how they are doing?  Likewise with an app its not an upload it once and forget about it for ever scenario.

And more importantly an app that has not achieved great results can get improvements by tweaking!    And updates.

The other reason to update regularly is for ASO reasons.  Consider looking at changing the icon, changing keywords, the description, etc.  All of these things can be looked at.

An app in the app store should not be treated as a static, never changing beast.  Sometimes it needs some tweaking to get the best out of.

The other big thing to keep in mind also is to consider another reskin of the same game.  Sometimes the second reskin just takes off better than the first one.  Just one of those things.

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Man, I am not sure I can figure this out

This is another valid concern, or maybe it was in the past. This stuff being too hard to figure out I mean.

Do I need to be a geek?  Do I need a Mac?   What if I choose the wrong theme?   How do I avoid getting ripped off?


Well, you are reading this ebook which is going to hopefully give you all the information you need to put you on track for success. So make sure you read this entire ebook from beginning to end.

At this point I’ve explained the opportunity, been through the risks and hopefully given you the motivation to dive right into the industry.

Probably most people reskinning apps start with this method.  Why?  Because everyone else does.  Most training will tell you to go this route.

And for many it will make perfect sense.  Lets discuss what a contracting site is.

What we are talking about is websites like,, and even to name a few.  If you have been reading up to here I talked about this in the finding resources section of this eBook.

The idea with these websites is that they act as a neutral “middle man” between a person  such as yourself looking to get your game reskinned, and the developer or artist who is looking to find working e.g. To reskin your game.

The website allows you to post projects and allows developers and designers to place bid on your project.  You can then hopefully pick the resource with the best skills for the job that is within the budget you have allocated.

The website charges the developer or designer a fee for using the website, which can be a monthly fee and usually is a percentage of the project total as well.

Generally speaking the project owners (that’s you) will not get charged.  This is to encourage lots of projects to be listed.

The website aims to ensure that no one gets ripped off.

This can happen in various ways.

By holding any money you paid in “escrow” (held on your behalf) until the project or a key milestone is completed.  Note that this can also protect the developer/designer as well because assuming they finish the work, the project owner cannot just “not pay” for no reason.

At least that is the theory.  In practice it does not always work as well as you would like, but generally speaking if you go in with your head screwed on right and do due diligence, and are careful with your funds and how much you pay in advance things will be ok.

One of the great things about websites like this is your choice.  Most of them, and especially the larger sites have thousands of developers/designers, perhaps tens of thousands so there are plenty of choice for you.

This is also one of the worst things about these sites as well..  Separating the chaff from the wheat. 

You can expect to receive many bids from resources who have no experience, or experience in another field completely, or will outright lie and tell you they have experience.

You will find people who are not programmers bidding on your programming project and then outsourcing your project to someone else.

All sorts of interesting experiences.  Of course this type of thing is not unique to reskinning apps, but it is something you should go into knowing its going to happen.

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