Earning The Profits In Your Reskinning App Business


Why are you doing all of this?  (reskinning apps I mean) ?

You doing this to make a profit right?  The whole idea is to actually get back more than you spend, so you will want to do your “sums” to make sure this is going to happen.

Now its not always going to happen.  As an entrepreneur  you are of course taking a calculated risk that the money you spend will be repaid back to you with profit over a period of time.

It’s possible that the first app may not do this, or even the first few, or that the timeframe for this pay back may be longer than you have anticipated.  Of course the reverse is also true, you may well exceed your expectations and get a return on investment (ROI) quicker than you may think.

I am going to be a bit controversial here and tell you not to rely too much on the figures the “sellers” of source code  are quoting on their pages.

You will see things like  $5,000 in just 22 days, or massive ROI, etc.

They are basing these figures on the launch of this app to their account, which probably already has a number of apps in it. 

If I was playing the devils advocate, I would say perhaps they have done some paid advertising or “done some deals” or even “photoshopped” the figures to make them look better (I am in no way suggesting they have done this, but I want you to go in with your eyes wide open).

An example of a “photoshopped” image!  Same with some “income” claims?

The bottom line is, just because they have achieved a level or results does not mean the app will do the same for you, or anything close to the same, for you.    This is especially the case for your first app, so keep that in mind.

As a result I recommend you calculate your costs and expected revenue on a case by case basis. Overestimate your expenses, and understate your income.

That way you can only be pleasantly surprised if the costs are less than anticipated and you are making more money than expected, right ?

Be sure to document all your expenses.  Both from the entire apps portfolio point of view, and also on the individual apps.

For example, the apple developer fee of $99 per year is a portfolio cost.  Its a cost of doing business with Apple, whether you have one app or twenty.

Web hosting (if you have a website with details of your games) is a cost.




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Individual app costs, on the other hand are costs to get that individual app to market.

1. The cost of the source code is one thing (bear in mind though if you buy a license for more than one reskin, the cost should be averaged out over all the reskins you do for that one game).

2. Reskin costs

3. Images, web setup, etc.

4.  Miscellaneous things like programmer charges for uploading to the app store, etc.

It’s important that you have a true cost of what the app has cost you to get from the point of deciding on a game through to the upload to the app store.

Then you have a break-even figure, and now that once you exceed that figure you are in profit.

As mentioned “market share” does not mean more money in your pocket necessarily.

As I have pointed out Android is a lot more fragmented than the Android market.  My advice is to focus on Apple’s IOS platform for now and worry about android later.

Hey I love Android, I just bought my new Nexus 7 2nd gen the other day, it’s a fantastic tablet for reading eBooks, and watching videos and yes playing games.

Google Nexus N7 Generation 2 – Sweet.

Android is great, but in my opinion not for reskinners, especially if you are starting out.  Get some experience and sure re-look at Android then.  Thats my opinion.

Android users, no hate mail please, my inbox is already full  🙂

I am hoping I have convinced you to go where the money is, and right now the money is with Apple.

Love them or hate them, Steve Jobs created a company that created devices that your audience loves and willingly spends a ton of cash on.

Did you realize millions of dollars are spent each day on apps?  Yes, each day!

According to a recent report by Apple, they are expecting revenue to hit around 4.26 Billion for the 4th quarter of 2013 (this does include music, but bottom line, that is a lot of money being spent on apps whichever way you look at it!).

Here is the raw data.


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