Importance Of Focus When Starting Reskinning Business Part 1


You get what you think about most of the time. AKA – What you FOCUS on most of the time.

Let me ask you, where are you at with your focus right now.   Actually stop and think about that.

Are you focusing on the next section wondering when Tim is going to get to the point with the real meat of this book?   Are you focusing on what to cook for dinner?  Maybe you have that “other” book to read.

The point is, if you are going to make this a success you need to focus on it.   You need to make a decision to succeed and put your focus on committing to making it work.


“Hoping” it will work, or trying it for a bit to see if it will work, or being wishy washy about it, is going to give you like results.  Probably not the kind of results you want. Think of some of the most successful people in the world.  What’s one of their biggest characteristics?

Focus and perseverance !  Think of Bill Gates.    Focused on building a software company against the odds, and built what was for a long time the biggest “tech” company in the world.

Steve Jobs.  Sadly now passed, but got sacked from Apple computer and it hit him hard, but he came back stronger as a result.

If you want to see one of the most motivating speeches he has ever delivered (not from an Apple product release) make sure you watch this video.

Wow.  Seriously there is someone who came back bigger and stronger and succeeded against the odds because of his drive, focus and perseverance.

As a total aside, did you know that Steve himself used to email programmers who submitted apps to the app store?   Yes, he actually tried out the apps and would sometimes email the programmer direct with a comment.

Email from Steve Jobs to someone!

Pretty cool, and totally irrelevant but thought I would add it anyway.

Ok…  And we’re back from the “break”. 

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Lets move onto something I think will make you think completely differently about learning.

The other thing I would like to discuss is the four stages of obtaining competence.  It applies to virtually anything in life.

You can find out more about this here:

But read on for my interpretation of it and how it applies to the apps industry.

Lets face it, this is something brand new you are learning, and everyone who knows anything about apps has had to go through a process of learning to obtain that knowledge.  No one woke up an “expert” in apps did they?

The 4 stages of competence are:

Stage 1.  Unconscious incompetence.

This basically means you don’t know what you don’t know – You have no idea of some of the key information you need to succeed in the apps business. 

Or you may deny that you need to know something in order to succeed.  Before you can move onto the next stage you actually have to recognize your lack of skill and knowledge. And that there is value in learning it.

The length of time you spent in this stage is directly proportional to your motivation and commitment to learning.

This eBook should be able to fill in many of the blanks for you.  Right now, acknowledge that there is much to learn, and there are things you don’t even realize you need to know right now, but that you are ready to learn and implement and take the next step.

This ebook will help fill in the blanks, or gaps in your knowledge.  You probably have some concepts of what the apps business is all about and specifically what reskinning apps is about, and you should find more examples as you progress through reading this eBook.

An example of unconscious incompetence:

One example might be knowing that you need a special “digital” certificate on your computer in order to be able to deploy an app to the apple app store.  It may not affect your world much, especially if you are outsourcing this function to a programmer, but it may well be something you did not even realize was necessary.

Here is an example that should apply to a few more people.   People don’t miraculously start downloading your app by the millions as soon as you upload it to the app store. 

Maybe you have not thought about this process before.  Given there are hundreds of thousands of apps in the app store, how do people find your app over all the other ones?

One part of equation is keywords.  These are the words you type into the search box when hunting for an app to download.   Sometimes it is the name of the app, but other times it might be something to describe a particular type of app, or combinations of this and other things.

Sample keywords you use might be candy, or castle for looking for a game about candy or castles.

Or your might use phrases (more than one word) like candy crush or space invaders, etc.

What you typically do is associate specific keywords you want your app to be found by.

There is an entire art form of finding keywords that will attract people to your app.  There are lots of other factors like how many other apps are using those keywords, how popular that is, and more.

This is a very simplistic example, but the point I want to stress is for many of you reading this, you may have had no idea that a process like this was required and that specialized skills (that most people can learn) are required to understand this and apply it to your own app.

Stage 2.  Conscious incompetence.

This stage is where you now you realize there is something to learn, some information or a new skill, and can (hopefully) see the value in obtaining it.

A perfect example of this stage is the keywords I mentioned in stage one.  You may not have been aware of the need (and possibly the importance) of keywords for your app, but now after reading what I wrote (and hopefully believing me) you now recognize how important keywords are and can take steps to address your understanding of this.

Before you can get somewhere, you need to know where you are coming from.

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