Setting Goals In Your Reskinning Business


Yes its that time where I start to lecture you on Goal setting.  And it’s importance.

I am sure no one else has ever mentioned the importance of goal settings to you right? 

No own has preached to you the importance of goals, or mentioned something along the lines of: –

“No one plans to fail, they just fail to plan.”

Well, I know of some people who do in fact, plan to fail and are successful at doing just that, but generally speaking I agree with this.   

I mean if you don’t have a clear set of goals how will you really measure if you are successful?

You could say you want to earn a “crapload” of money with apps, but how much is that exactly?  Why not be exact?

Lets put something down.  Yes, its time to put on paper what you goals are in 3,6, and 12 months time.  What I often like to do is actually start 12 months down the track and work backwards.


Yes the start from the goal and work backwards plan.

In other words, lets picture a 12 month goal for you to have 50 games in the app store, generating $25K per month in income.  Pretty sweet right ?  Of course feel free to substitute this with your actual figures,.

Lets face it I am not a mind reader (the pay sucks), and had to come up with a figure on the page, so I went with 50 apps and $25K per month.

Ok, working backwards, we have 12 months to reskin 50 games, so that’s about 4 games per month.   Well actually, lets figure that things will be a little slow in the early stages while you are finding your feet.  Nothing wrong about doing that right?  If you figure this business out a lot sooner, then heck you can ramp up the figures.

Lets decide in your first month you will get one game in the app store, then 2 games in months 2 and 3.

So at the 3 month mark you have 5 apps to your name.  By this time if you have been playing along at home correctly you will have a pretty good idea of how it all works, have built up a good relationship with coders and designers  and generally be in a great position to understand to understand the business a lot better.

As an aside, a coder and designer/artist are not one and the same.  I am a software developer but cannot draw for you know what.  Yeah I am shockingly bad drawer. 

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Moving on..  In months 4 and 5 you ramp up your product to 5 games, and then 6 games in month 6.  So you are at the half way mark and have 21 games to your credit (5 games after 3 months and a massive increase of 16 games in the next 3 months).

This makes it a literal “stroll in the park” to do only 6 games per month for the next 6 months brining out total to 51 apps.  Yay you made it.

Now there are a few smart reasons to do things this way.

Firstly, you are not biting off more than you can chew are you?    

You are starting in month 1 with the goal of getting only 1 app in the app store.  That gives you time to learn the ropes make the inevitable mistakes we all make (and need to make to learn) and to get your feet wet.

I can tell you right now you are going to feel little short of magnificent after that first app goes live, and can now power into month 2 with a ton of useful experience and more importantly better skills so you can get these apps completed quicker.

See where I am heading?

The other advantage with this approach is you will hopefully start earning some money along the way to fund yourself ongoing development.   So rather than thinking   Oh My Goodness (OMG) !  How can I find the money to get 50 apps developed !

You are instead starting with a single app and should find that first apps starts making some money for you, which as mentioned funds the ongoing development as well as importantly giving you the confidence that you know this is going to work by showing you the results.

Cool huh?

And the really great thing here is you have a yardstick to measure your success – e.g. Achieving your goals.

Because in month 1 you goal was to get an app into the app store and you achieved that goal at the end of the first month.

I seriously suggest you setup a written goal like this.    Don’t ignore this step, you will thank me later.

Just to clarify, I am not suggesting you have to actually create 50 reskins, you might have a goal of doing only 1 or 2 reskins, it all depends on your personal situation and what you are trying to achieve.

This document is not one of those pretty cool Harry potter photo’s than come alive and are customized to your particular viewing.  Sorry I cannot release that until version 2 of this ebook  🙂

Don’t know what I am talking about?

Take a look at the photos on this site.

(Yes they are photo’s and not video’s).  The Harry potter movies featured those types of photos and I just thought I’d add it here.

In others words I don’t know your personal situation, how much money you have and are willing to invest, how fast you are willing to scale and move things up, etc.

So treat the above hypothetical situation of 50 apps in 12 months and income that has been pulled out of you know what. 🙂

I had to start with something and I did.

What I do know and what should excite you is there are people making massive piles of cash with apps right now, literally as I type this, someone, somewhere has probably just make a thousand bucks from ads, or people buying their in app purchases or flipping their app or whatever.

The sky is the limit here, but make sure you have a clear goal of what works for you.  Maybe you would be content to get one app in the app store a month for the next 12 months.  Nothing against that, and lets face it you can always ramp up your goals  later if you choose.


So there we have it, that’s goals out of the way.

And now its time for those people who like the Meat to start clapping.  Because we are about to hit the “meaty” section of this document.  That said, in all seriousness make sure you do read this and the other earlier sections, they are in my humble opinion some of the most important information you need to know to help you achieve success.

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