Apple Or Android – Which Platforms To Go For Part 2


So that right there should be two compelling reasons for you to focus on the Apple IOS devices, at least until you have several apps completed and making money for you in the app store.

The 3rd big reason?

Most of the source code available these days to buy is for the Apple IOS anyway, so you are going to get a lot more choice when buying your source code (more on source code a little further into the ebook).

One cool thing I want to briefly talk about, is that there is another option that is close to prime time.

And that’s services that will convert an Apple IOS game to work on Android.  Pretty cool huh?

Now despite all the glitzy marketing, its not foolproof and usually some programming is required to complete it, but on the analysis I have done, it is possible to achieve this.

The first product is Apportable.


These guys actually took the Objective-C language itself (used mostly in Xcode to build IOS games) and make it work on Android.

So it’s not “converting” your code from Objective-c (the programming language most games are developed in on IOS). The game still runs on Objective-C but a special version of that Objective-C made to run on Android.

Pretty sweet. Now there are issues. The main one seems to be library compatibilities. In some cases a particular library that works fine on IOS does not work well on Android and needs to be modified by the programmer.

But a large chunk of stuff seems to work without changes and these guys are working hard on adding new libraries to keep the product up to date.

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Another competitor offering a solution is StellaSDK.


Here is the site (sorry its not in English).  Use Google’s translate tools when you reach the site to convert it.

This one seems to be a Java solution (Java is the language many Android apps are developed in).

It offers a bridge between the objective-C code of IOS and the Java code of Android. Its been out for a while and version 2 has just been released.

The third one that takes my fancy had a major announcement only yesterday. Kobold Kit.

This one is a little different in that its a free open source project that is taking the new Sprite kit released under IOS 7 and enhancing it and making it work cross platform. The Android functionality required Apportable to work.

This one is completely free. At the moment all of these tools are free (although at least one Apportable has paid options for “pro” or “enterprise” developers).

The point is, the tools are not quite ready for prime time yet, but will be soon by the way they have been progressing.

This still makes it a no brainer for you to focus on IOS games because once these tools are ready for prime time you can use them to get your game onto Android.  Cool, huh?

Check back on part 1 of the post

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