Quality Player Experience – One Of The Keys To Reskinning Success


Time for us to have a dance and talk about Quality and how this is vital if you are going to hope to be successful with reskinning apps.

Let me start by talking a completely different industry, online marketing AKA Internet Marketing.  This is another industry I know very well because it’s been part of my life virtually even day in some capacity since 2007.


I have personally mentored hundreds of people during this time, developed products and services, courses and videos that have been consumed by literally hundreds of thousands of people.

Yes I am still a “nobody” more or less in that industry ha ha, but that’s mainly by choice.

C’mon Tim bring this back to reskinning apps.

Ok, my point here is in my travels I have talked with the odd person here and there, and a theme that a not insignificant percentage of people have communicated is the willingness to do virtually anything to make money.

One example?   You would be amazed at the number of people who are new to Internet Marketing who try and make money by…   Yes, you guessed it selling “how to make money” products.

Not withstanding that a percentage of these are scams, in all reality the person selling them is not really in a position to know how to make money on the Internet (they are newbies after all).

But the thing to me is the mentality.  That they are prepared to really sell that to a “sucker” and make their cash that way.

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How does that relate to apps?

Replace the “make money” mob of newbies with the “cheap and nasty” mob of people new to the apps industry.

Some people are under the misguided belief that any quality app is going to make them a “ton of cash” and in order to make sure they make that cash they need to ensure they have ads on every page, and every button.  They will use every service known to man to “bolt onto” their app more ways to suck money from the poor game player.

And the real issue is they just put up some hokey (man I like that word) graphics and sound, almost as an afterthought.

In other words they have spent the bulk of their time figuring out the best monetization strategy for the apps and almost as I mentioned as a afterthought have added a bit of gameplay and dodgy graphics and sound.

Let me get one thing straight for you – If you take short cuts with your audience you are going to fail.   Or at the very least you are going to be very disappointed in the results.


Even though a game might be free to download or cost a buck to buy, gamers are very social people and will not tolerate crappy apps.  They will loudly voice their displeasure with 1 star ratings, or rant on Facebook, twitter, pinterest, google plus, youtube, or <insert your favorite social media platform here>

Guess what?   That’s going to affect you because all of their friends are not going to be interested in your game and you can bet when your next game comes out they wont be interested either.

So what you need to be doing is putting players first. Design (or reskin) a game that is fun (which is a win for them) and add your monetization to the gamer (your win).

See a win/win.

You will then start getting some decent reviews like this…




Do you think some of these people might actually tell your friends about your game if they took the time to leave a review like this?

Do you think they might buy in app purchases, click your ads and generally buy your stuff?  You bet!  And guess what, they will download and do the same for your future stuff.

This is a very important lesson here, ignore this at your peril.

If you think you can go low quality you are going to be terribly disappointed with your results.  Gamers wont stand for it.

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