Support And Quality Of The Source Code


Ok, so decision is to go Apple with your first reskin.

You now need some source code.  We talked about it a bit, but lets explore it in more detail.

The thing is, there is going to be a huge difference in apps, pricing, and quality.

So you need to do some due diligence here.  Don’t rush in but the first source code you think “looks neat”.

You need to do your research.

What about the “Sellers” track record – Have they sold source code?

Are they reputable?

Have they got a reputation for quality?

Confirm the source code works for your platform choice (which if you read the previous chapter is Apples IOS).

But some other things to consider.

Does the source code support the iPhone, iPod and iPad ?

Generally (but not always) if it supports an iPhone it will support the iPod.

But the iPad is a different kettle of fish, it requires a separate set of graphics to work.

Make sure you carefully read the description  to see if iPhone AND iPad is supported.

It might still be ok to buy source code that only works on the iPhone (for example) but you want to make sure you understand that before you spend any money.

Find out which versions of IOS are supported.  Just like Windows and MAC OSX get regular operating system upgrades, so do smart devices.

And as new versions of the operating system for smart devices come out you may find that apps that were designed for older versions no longer work, or do not take advantage of features in the new version, which can affect (sometimes dramatically) your revenue!

For example, IOS 7 was recently released by Apple, and along with the list is a new list of requirements for apps to support IOS 7.  If you have an app that cannot easily be upgraded or worse crashes, you could be in trouble.

So you need to be sure that your source code works with the most recent version of the operating system for your target smart device.

So you would want to be looking for reassurance that “7.0” was supported or that it would be fixed to work in that version shortly after it was launched.

Read the “fine print” before buying!

The above is an example of what to look for.  See that it mentions iPhone and iPad support and working with IOS 7.

This brings up the 2nd point.

Support for the source code you purchase

Is this source code provider going to be around to fix things if they do not work, or are they available to help out if necessary?

Yes, like virtually any industry there are sharks who will take your money and run, so some due diligence is necessary.  Although you can pay a premium price in some cases to use the “larger” more well known sites for purchasing source code it often affords you some protection.

I mean think of buying something from or

Which site are you going to feel safer with?  Ebay right?  Same deal here with source code.

If some random dude from a country you never heard of offers you the deal of the internet for this incredible source code, and it appears to be too good to be true, it may just be (too good to be true).

Bottom line: Protect yourself, do some due diligence.

Quality of the source code

This is also important.  Its one thing to buy the source code, but is it any good – Are you basing your decisions on some pictures of the game on a website or have you actually installed and played around with the app (usually people selling source code will have a “demo” version of the app available for you to download, or at least have a video of them using it to give you an idea of how it looks).

This is the time to check the graphics, the boxes, and the designs, how does it feel to use?

If it’s a game is it fun?  Did you find it crashed?  Or did something not work?

Or perhaps you found spelling mistakes in the title and instructions (you would be surprised).

Some of these things might be ok, but it can also paint a picture – of a lack of attention, and care.

Remember that with reskinning apps, you usually just swap out the graphics and sound, that is the goal to get the app into the app store as quickly as possible.  You don’t want to be bogged down fixing someone else’s problems right?

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Quality of the source code is also important, but unfortunately you probably wont have any way to confirm this because you cannot see the source code before you buy it and second, unless you are a programmer you probably do not have the knowledge to “assess” if the source code is of a high quality.


Quality here means that the code is well structured, and has good documentation to tell another programmer how to make changes if they are required.

Unfortunately, I can tell you first hand, that many of the popular games being sold by prominent source code sellers have little to no programmer/artist documentation and are often very poorly structured.

Most reskins will require some basic changes.  Usually this will be inserting things like the correct “account number” or “id” so that when an ad is clicked the revenue goes into your account, or linking in app purchases to your iTunes connect account, and so one.

So it’s important that there are instructions to show you how to do that.

Particularly if you plan to make these changes yourself.

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