Are You Doing What You Want To Do?


Today is my 50th birthday.  As I write this, I am asking myself, am I living the life I want to live, and doing all the things I want to do and/or be doing?

To a large degree, the answer is Yes!  I quit my Internet marketing career because I hated it, and got into games full time.  I am still madly reskinning, but more and more I am working on custom code changes to games, and am even working on a new game that was originally started in 2013 called Juno Raiders.

Here is a screenshot of the work in progress.


I am developing this using the Apple Spritekit framework, and I have to say, I am blown away by just how good this kit.  If you have any interest in games programming, make sure you check out Spritekit.  The new version announced in WWDC for IOS 8 is even better.

This is fun.  I am having a great time re-learning all this stuff and am still asking myself, why was I not doing this years ago?

Two resources that will help you in your journey if you are interested in doing the same.

Ray Wenderlich Sprite Kit Book 

This is a great ebook, you can purchaser it as a download (along with the material e.g. files you need to make the games, etc), or get it also as a physical book.

I also found an excellent video course on sprite kit on udemy.

Its takes you literally from scratch to building games.  This one is not as cheap as Ray’s book, but two things to keep in mind here.  1.  Its video based, which I personally learn from quicker, and 2)  Udemy often have 60-75% off sales.  I grabbed this for under $60 !

With both of these packages, you will need a mac.  I am a programmer and found this was very helpful to learning Spritekit, but it is newbie friendly (although they do suggest  you consider an IOS course first if you have never programmed before).

Reskinning is still a great way to get started in the games industry, so don’t think for a second I am suggesting you have to write games from scratch, you can work up to full games (if you wish) or stick to reskinning!

Anyway, my point about all of this?  Is it time to take stock of where you are at with your life plan.  Do you, in fact, have a life plan?

I am glad I made the decision to do what I love… Games, and while I get some weird stares from people when they ask what I do for a living. e.g.  You are playing games?  You develop games?  Isn’t that kids stuff?

The fact is, I am doing what I love to do right now, and you can’t beat that.

One thing I have totally NOT nailed yet in my life is my body – I am still seriously overweight, so thats next on the agenda.  No point doing what you love.  if you end up departing too soon because you did not look after your body!

Thats my insight! Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below!

About the Author Tim Buchalka

Tim and his team completed over 500 reskins for himself or clients, and is an expert in the field.He has written 3 complete games, and has two complete video courses on Udemy that are about reskinning (as well as an Android development course with over 16,000 students!). You can find out more about Tim’s video courses here. He has also written a 110 page ebook about reskins that will give you the knowledge and skills you need to succeed with reskins which is available on this website. You can get a complimentary copy of this ebook as well as discounts to his video courses by visiting this link. To contact Tim, visit this sites contact page.

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