300 Reskins, Source Code, Free Ebook and Android Conversions!!


Hello and welcome to a “better late than never” post on this blog.

Topics covered in todays edition…

1. 300th Reskin achieved in under 8 months!

2. I now have my own source code for sale!

3. Reskinning eBook now FREE!!

4. Android conversions coming soon!!

5. Other stuff not worthy of it’s own title…


I’ve been super busy working away and recently reached what I think is a pretty solid goal. Uploading my 300th Reskin since August 2013 !

Funny thing, I got an email from someone the other day and apart from getting confused about game cloning vs reskinning (click the link for my take on the differences) he ask me if I was just trying to sell my ebook, or am I actually reskinning?

Well 300 reskins in 8 months should answer that question. I don’t think there are a lot of people out there who have done more reskins than that in that timeframe.

Note that I am excluding spammers who are uploading the same game dozens of times (which is a completely flawed strategy).

Now, I cannot take all the credit as I have a team of integrators, artists, and developers as well as me who make it all happen.

For the record, yes, the majority of these have been for clients! But its been a journey and I’ve learned a thing or three! I’m still writing up my experiences on this blog, so ask me any questions you have and I’ll answer them to the best of my ability.

Judging from the reviews on my free google help outs about reskinning it seems I might actually know a thing or two about reskinning 🙂

See image below.

Feedback from Reskinning apps help outs

A sample of feedback from my Reskinning Apps helpouts

If you want, you can Find out more about a free reskinning apps help out with me here.

Because they are free, I limit individual sessions to 15 minutes each and only have a limited number of slots each day – so click the link above if you want to talk to me one on one!

Unfortunately, from your feedback it seems there are a lot of people claiming to know this reskinning business, so please make sure you check their credentials carefully before investing your money and/or time following their advice. Trust me on this, you will thank me later!

NUMBER 2 – Yes, I now have my own source code for sale.

Redneck Zombie Run and Flip Frenzy – I’ll take some timeout on my schedule in the next few days and put up some links about them.

You will be able to buy just the source code, or a package including the source code and a complete reskin.

NUMBER 3 – Yes, my ebook that was previously on Amazon is now free for you to grab a copy of.

Just click the huge ebook picture in the top right hand corner of the website and follow the instructions and you can be reading it in a few short minutes time!

NUMBER 4 – Convert IOS COCOS2D games to Android!

Would you like your IOS Cocos2d games working on Android? Yes, I am able to assist with that. I am in the process of converting three of my own games to Android and at the moment they are working nicely on my Google Nexus Android tablet.

Note: This works even if the game itself was NOT designed for Android in the first place. And I can tell you not many people know this is even possible, let alone are doing it.

So more on that soon. Whilst I continue to believe that your primary focus should be IOS, it does seem Android seems to be closing the gap so it would be foolish not to consider that platform as well.

Once I have my final testing completed, I’ll then post a link to both the Apple and Android versions of the game for you to check out.

AND NUMBER 5. Other stuff!

Well, life is pretty good over here. The old “not enough hours in the day” problem still seems to exist, but I guess that is par for the course.

I pre-ordered the new Diablo III expansion and even the new Elder Scrolls online game, but realised I didn’t have time to play them so refunded them both.

Although I have procrastinated about it, I will be posting more often on here! I am determined to get to at least a weekly post.

Finally, you may want to connect with me on Youtube.

Why, I hear you asking? Well I pump out some DIY reskins videos whenever I get the chance.

Check out my Reskinning Apps Youtube channel. If you have a topic you would like me to cover, please drop me a line.

Well thats it for now, figured it was about time for an update, and thats it.. Update complete!

More soon!



About the Author Tim Buchalka

Tim and his team completed over 500 reskins for himself or clients, and is an expert in the field.He has written 3 complete games, and has two complete video courses on Udemy that are about reskinning (as well as an Android development course with over 16,000 students!). You can find out more about Tim’s video courses here. He has also written a 110 page ebook about reskins that will give you the knowledge and skills you need to succeed with reskins which is available on this website. You can get a complimentary copy of this ebook as well as discounts to his video courses by visiting this link. To contact Tim, visit this sites contact page.

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