To Make Money With Apps Requires You To Learn The Ropes First



I got into Internet Marketing in a big way in 2008 and over the years have published a number of courses along with my Internet Marketing business partner and brother Anthony. During that time I have coached lots of people, and communicated to probably thousands of people.

Now these people were all looking to supplement their offline income, or replace it entirely.

What struck me continually is how many of them expected to get pretty well immediate results. While in some cases this can happen, what generally needs to occur when you start something new is you have to put in some time to research and learn.

It’s no different if you are trying to make money with apps. With the apps game in general, and yes reskinning games is part of that as well.

I always tell people to think back to their very first job. Maybe that was at McDonalds or some other fast food place. Remember how green you were on day one of that job? You had literally no expectations and frankly did not know how much you did not know.

I’ll say that again, as it is so true in virtually any new thing you try. You don’t know what you don’t know.

What I mean by that is you do not yet know what you really need to learn to succeed in that “new thing”. It’s only by the process of researching, learning, testing, that we find out more and new questions come to light that need answering.

Taking reskinning apps. If you are completely new to the field you have no idea of what is involved technically right? You don’t realise that there are considerations about finding new graphics, new sounds, and new music. But then what about monetization? How are you going to make money with this app? Did you even know in app purchases exist? What about using a free price model with ads or a paid model where the user pays for you app.

Which ad network to use. Which ones give the best eCPM’s? What are eCPM’s anyway. What does an Apple IOS game need a distribution certificate to publish a game?

Why doesn’t one mobile platforms apps work on another mobile platform?

Do I need to learn programming? How do I find people to program for me? What are keywords? What is App Store Optimization and why is it needed?

Do app developers make money or is it all for the fun?

And the list goes on.

It’s important to realise that this is a normal part of learning something new.

So give yourself time to learn. This means that yes you will have to do some research. Google is your friend here, so start using it. Maybe you need to go to Amazon and buy a few books. Write down a list of questions you have right now, and start looking for answers.

Don’t expect to be immediately successful in financial terms. The initial success should come from learning your craft and putting together a solid plan for the way forward.

The people who succeed in any business are those who found answers to their questions, formulated plans and took action to implement them.

If you are looking to build a 1000 app empire, the first step is to figure out how to start, and to get that first app published. Rome was not built in a day, but there a plan involved when it was being built.

Whats your plan?

Do you really believe you can make money with apps for iphone devices? Or any mobile device for that matter? Is it really possible to create apps to earn money and build a sustainable business?

It’s really a crazy thing when you start thinking about it, isn’t it? The fact is, it is entirely possible to make money with apps downloads. Just the process of someone tapping a button on a mobile device somewhere in the world can make you money. Pretty insane but seriously cool!

I’ll tell you what my plan is right here, and right now.

I am working on building up my very own app empire. Focusing exclusively on mobile games for Apple IOS. So I am busily build up a team of trusted resources to help me with that plan as well as moving back into the software development game myself. Yes I am outsourcing myself as part of the process.

For me, I am a little fortunate in that I am a software developer. So my income is going to be supplemented by outsourcing my skills to people who need a mobile game developer. But while I am doing that, I will be building a sustainable long term income with regular mobile game releases.

Start dreaming about your future success, but make sure you are spending time researching and learning the industry and putting together a solid plan. Doing this will reward you over and over again.

About the Author Tim Buchalka

Tim and his team completed over 500 reskins for himself or clients, and is an expert in the field.He has written 3 complete games, and has two complete video courses on Udemy that are about reskinning (as well as an Android development course with over 16,000 students!). You can find out more about Tim’s video courses here. He has also written a 110 page ebook about reskins that will give you the knowledge and skills you need to succeed with reskins which is available on this website. You can get a complimentary copy of this ebook as well as discounts to his video courses by visiting this link. To contact Tim, visit this sites contact page.

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