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This is one cool game. Developed by Bobby Walker and Sam Finlay and ready to go for Apple iPhone and iPads and fully compatiable with IOS 7.

As a gamer and geek I can tell you that game play is #1.  You can have all the fancy monetization in the world, but if the game ain’t fun, you are probably going to be disappointed in how the game performs.

If there is only one thing I can stress to you, it’s to ensure that any game you reskin is fun!

Take a look at the screenshots for Fizz Factory, and I think you will quickly agree, this is one fun game (well you may have to play it to confirm that).     And a biggie is its endless in the sense that you will not run out of levels.  Pretty cool.  Not only that, but the assets needing replacing are less than many other similar games.  A true win/win for games and reskinner’s alike.

But don’t just take my word for it, go have a play and see for yourself.  I always recommend you play games you are thinking of reskinning to get a feel for them.

Click to visit Fizz Factory page on iTunes

fizz-factory-game-play-screenshot-2So what is the game all about?   Well, think racing and jumping combined (again download it and try it out).

Specifics about the game

  1. Endless game (no limited number of levels).  You collect stuff while jumping and tilting and generally having a blast.
  2. In game currency (coins).
  3. Email, Facebook + Twitter integration (this is perfect to get viral downloads of your game reskin).   And a real incentive for your players to post to social media. Free coins!!
  4. Universal – both iPhone and iPad (vital these days to target both platforms).
  5. iOS 7 compatible
  6. Nextpeer Multiplayer Integration (if you didn’t know it, multiplayer is HOT, HOT, HOT right now).
  7. Gamecenter Achievements (you would be amazed how just having achievements keeps players in the game longer.
  8. Gamecenter Leaderboards (again more player time).
  9. Mini-Game Bonus. Travel a certain distance and this game unlocks, coins to collect, etc.
  10. Pushwoosh Push Notifications: – Push notifications get players back into the game.
  11. Revmob SDK and Free Game
  12. Chartboost SDK and More Games
  13. Playhaven SDK
  14. In App Purchases: Add free upgrade
  15. Coin store: 4x coin packs + 2x coin value feature
  16. Power Ups: tons of them, including Coin Magnet, a shield, rocket booster and more.

fizz-factory-game-play-screenshot-3fizz-factory-game-play-screenshot-5As you can see, the game works to keep the player coming back, and the more that happens, the more you make, it’s that simple.

Although you may not be interested in this right now, there is large scope to enhance the code.  Sometimes going that extra mile with customizations can make your app stand out just that little bit more.

Developer Level Support

Sam the developer knows his stuff, updates the code often, and keeps it updated.  If there is ever a problem, he fixes it.  And he can talk to geeks and the non geeks out there.  Basically you won’t have a support issue with this game.

What You Need To Do For A Re-Skin
Firstly, its not a really hard game to reskin, so thats good.   You have a few options.  Firstly, we are able to reskin this game for you, and offer a complete do it for you service, optionally including complete app store optimization (ASO).   We deal with all the important stuff like ensuring the icon is make to attract taps (you would be surprised how a bad icon can kill downloads), figuring out the best theme, keywords, screenshots, and more.  You know the whole nine yards.

Basically we can do the lot for you, or portions if you decide to take on some of this yourself.  Or you can reskin the game elsewhere.  We won’t be happy, but we don’t hold grudges  🙂

Seriously, the game is relatively straight forward to reskin (your artists will soon figure out what to do).  And if they can’t figure it out, fire them.  They should be able to do this!

For the geeks out there that actually care about this, the game is done using tile maps and the Tiled level editor – dead easy (but not really that important for you to know if you just want to reskin it).

So you can add to it yourself if you want to (or get your artist to, or just reskin it without adding anything).  If you need a definitive list of what graphics are needed, then hit me up and I’ll let you know but dont worry too much about the technical details.  A good reskinner will figure this out in no time flat.

Below I have supplied a few screenshots of the monetization within the game, yes the old favorites are there and ready to put some “real” coins (of the folding green variety) into your pocket.


Extra special deal

So there you go, Bobby has made an unlimited license available so you can go crazy and reskin this as many times as you wish.  Keep in mind Bobby is planning to increase the price on this one soon.  Frankly I dont blame him because the code is good.  I am in the middle of reskinning this game and will have a demo of it available on this page for you to see for yourself.

But I want to go one step further.  How about a discount if you get us to reskin Fizz Factory for you?   Thats right, if you buy Fizz Factory right off this page by clicking the link below, and then get us to reskin one or more copies of the game for you, I am going to pass on a ten (10%) discount of the price you pay for the source code, right off the top of your reskin costs. Ten (10) percent of $249 is $25 (rounded up) so thats $25 in your pocket, just for clicking the link below and purchasing Fuzz Factory and then getting us to reskin the game.

Better for that cash to be in your pocket, right?

Our costs are already extremely competitive, especially when you compare the unique services we can provide with app store optimization, and amazing graphics which you will not find elsewhere.   Obviously I cannot extend this indefinitely, so if you are interested in this, please get in contact with me quickly.

This genuinely is only going to be made available for a limited time.

Feel free to “keep me honest” by asking for a quote up front, when I say genuine discount I mean it!

So what is not to love?  You get one of the best reskinnable games  available right now, that not a lot of people are aware of (hint:  The early bird catches the worm, so if you can jump on a reskin before others, it can often really help skyrocket your downloads).

You  also get the best reskinning service out there.  No “cookie cutter, low quality graphics here, no sir”.     Yes I sincerely believe we are the best, because we go that extra step for you.

So what are you waiting for?   Click the button below and purchase the source code for this great game, and get started on your reskin today.  The sooner you start, the sooner you can put this puppy to work for you!

You can get in contact by visiting the Contact page of this blog,  being a complete geek, and working on reskins you will usually get a response from me quickly.  If not, I am probably asleep and will reply when I awake.

Fizz Factory Unlimited License

This is a genuine unlimited license copy of Fizz Factory from Bobby and Sam, purchased from their official website.  Just click the Buy link below to purchase now and then get in contact to arrange your reskin.

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