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Hi Tim here,

Here is another great (and inexpensive) course on sale during Udemy black friday special.

This one is to help you learn how to create iOS and MAC Apps using Swift!

Remember, each day the course goes up in price and on 28th November it changes back to its original price! So this is a genuine and HUGE discount.

The price will vary between $10 and $20 depending on what day you get there.

So get in early and buy any courses you were considering and save a ton of money!

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Here is the details of the course direct from the udemy page.


Learn Swift Programming to Make iOS Apps


Swift is Apple’s new programming language for building iOS and Mac applications.

Number of students: Over 1 thousand! Rated: 5-stars

iOS 7 & Mac OS X Programming Tutorial - Objective C & Xcode

More information about the course:

Learn Swift Programming to Make iOS Apps

This course introduces you to Apple’s brand new programming language; Swift. Swift enables you to build applications for iOS devices and for the Mac. It has been newly released to replace Objective-C.

It is a new language which is aimed at getting more people writing applications for these platforms as it is more beginner friendly. You can write apps and games using Swift and using the new playgrounds feature in XCode 6 you can see the results of the code as you type.

This course covers everything from registering as an Apple developer, downloading and installing Xcode and writing your first program using Swift.

Whether you are a seasoned developer or a complete newcomer to coding you can dive in to the relevant section depending on your skill level. Swift is a great starting language for beginners and especially if you want to create an app but didn’t know how!

This is more than just a rehash of the swift programming language book, there are worked examples, an understanding of the quirks using xcode to design user interfaces and the building of a very simple app.

Also content will be added to this course in the future so get involved now!

iOS 7 & Mac OS X Programming Tutorial - Objective C & Xcode

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